Friday, November 12, 2010

That's so Couch - Balls Up? Cut it Out

- Robbie McEwen is continuing his love of rhyming and his kid's names.  Firstly, Ewan McEwen, now he may or may not have officially changed his daughter's last name to Ballerina. If asked about what he will rhyme with Claudia, TourdeCouch could just hear him saying 'genius, her name may as well be purple or orange."

- Has Aldo Sassi unofficially opened up a Doper's Anonymous branch at the Mapei Centre for reformed dopers? First Basso and probably some of the others Sassi coaches...(hang on a minute!), now Thomas FreiCobra who was there all week and saw a few ex dopers.  "Hi my name's , and I'm not a real ginger."  "Hi Cobra"

- Hard to know yet whether Alberto will join them too. Someone entitled to feel really annoyed if he doesn't even get 12 months is Italian rider Colo but someone who got royally screwed over is Fuyu Li.  Pays to be a Spanish champion and make empty tantrumy threats about retirement. 

- Not content with inventing Twitter, France and South Australia and having 2.6m followers for hisself,it appears Lance wants a chance to expose his third person - or rather, his First Ball - to the universe and is letting it speak via a Twitter account of its own.  Take a read over both their timelines and their histories, maybe they aren't the same person, as there are a few differences: Juan likes swimming, running, doping and cycling, Lance just likes cycling, oh and winning; Lance likes budgie smugglers but Juan not so much, or did I get that the wrong way around; Lance liked the Olsen twins, Juan could only remember them as kids in Full House, a show he and his brother Segunda loved to watch together - Cut it Out is still a favourite joke of Juan's whereas Lance doesn't like it.  Given Lance's fourth and fifth babies have had twitter accounts since they were zygotes, TourdeCouch wonders what's next.  It is Movember and both of them are participating so perhaps it will be their beards or moustaches, perhaps @escrotogrispeludos.    Imagine if Simone Lemond got told to "relax" by that.

- While TourdeCouch thinks there are deserving men so won't be upset if one of them wins the Scody People's Choice for Cyclist of the Year, I just hope people don't totally use their balls - or ball - to vote with as the women on that list had an amazing year too and at least consider this - why should a lesser or equal result or two in male races (just because their prestigious etc) be seen as amazing and theirs, not.  Do yourself a favour and start genuinely getting into women's cycling, your balls will thank you - probably via their own twitter account.